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Paris: Eugene Atget: 1857-1927: GR

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The author:
Andreas Krase lives in Berlin and Dresden, where he is keeper of Photography and Cinematography at the Museum of Technology and Industry. He has published numerous articles and catalogues on photo-related topics.The editor:
Hans Christian Adam studied psychology, art history and communication in Göttingen and Vienna. As a specialist in historical images, he has published numerous articles and books, including titles on travel and war photography. He is the author of TASCHEN’s Edward Sheriff Curtis: The North American Indian, Karl Blossfeldt, Eugène Atget: Paris and Berlin, Portrait of a City.

Paris frozen in time: The perfect introduction to Eugène Atget’s photography “All I can say: get collecting. These books are an incredible value.” – Image, London, on the photography book series Eugène Atget (1857-1927) roamed the streets with his bulky large format camera, systematically cataloguing turn-of-the-century Old Paris down to the very smallest details. His skilled, wonderfully atmospheric photos of Paris’s parks, buildings, streets, store windows, prostitutes, workers, and even door handles are a joy to behold. Text in English, French, and German


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