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Autore: Jeannine Fiedler
A cura di: Peter Feierabend, Ute Ackermann, Olaf Andt, Christoph Asendorf

  • Lingua: Inglese




Jeannine Fiedler studied communication at the Free University Berlin (theater studies, art history and journalism). She subsequently worked as guest curator at the Bauhaus-Archiv, Museum for Design, Berlin, as visiting professor, as freelance author and as events manager.

“The Bauhaus continues to radiate exuberance 90 years after it was founded. The Bauhaus as a school, where handicrafts, art and technology were taught together, has outlived the subsequent fashions in architecture and design.This volume provides an insight into the historical, cultural philosophical, political and pedagogical circumstances of the early years. In the process it portrays the famous Bauhaus directors and teachers, shows the Bauhaus pedagogical methods and accompanies the readers through the individual workshops, where they can rediscover a wealth of form and ideas which retains its uniqueness today. The essays about the current discussion about the Bauhaus as fixed star of the avant-garde”, the fill of in part unpublished visual material as well as the multitude of the aspects covered constitute a comprehensive representation of one of the most significant institutions in the art and cultural history of the Modern. ”


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