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Art deco. Ediz. a colori

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Copertina Rigida
Autore: Norbert Wolf



Full of amazing photographs…and beautifully designed from start to finish, this eye-catching volume has another quality set to make it my book of the year: it’s big, 38cm x 27 cm, to be precise. –Frank Whitford, Art Books of the Year, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, 1 December 2013

The parallel words of avant-garde and the tricky terrain of where they diverge and coalesce with Art Deco is sensitively discussed and beautifully illustrated. –V&A Magazine, Spring 2014


NORBERT WOLF’s many books on art include Albrecht Durer, Art Nouveau and The Art of the Salon (all by Prestel). He lives in Munich, Germany.

Now available in a new format, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Art Deco art and design from its origin to its present day influences. The Art Deco style is so recognizable and widespread that its original impact on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco—a period between two devastating world wars when industrialization was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking, and movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism, and Modernism were turning the art world on its head. Brilliantly designed to reflect the style it celebrates, Art Deco is filled with hundreds of examples of painting, architecture, interiors, jewelry, crafts, furniture, and fashion. Author Norbert Wolf traces the chronology of the Art Deco style by looking at the politics and culture of Europe in the 1920s and early 30s and the artistic movements that paralleled its popularity. He follows Art Deco’s influence in Europe and its spread to the Americas and Asia. Most importantly, this wideranging volume looks beyond the era of Art Deco’s origination to the present day. Pointing to the numerous revivals and contemporary echoes in painting and even literature, this beautiful volume demonstrates the style’s lasting importance.


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